My eyes widen as I tore  the bright red raping paper . oh my! HEELEYS! I put them on right away. these are my favorite shoes  I remember riding around down town, in the mall, and in skate parks. you could take the wheels out and just walk in them and put them o when you want to get some where fast. that’s way that are my favorite shoes.


Jones Liddy


My wet feet released off the tree and I was airborne . Climbing trees on a hot  sunny day, and swinging off a rope swing. I fly through the air rolling and smack I hit the water with all the air knocked out of my lungs, coming up out of the water gasping for air.

    My friend Michael and I were swinging off a rope swing across the lake on a blazzing hot day. there was a waterfall next to the rope swing with bright green moss growing from the hard sturdy rock. we climbed up to see the naro cold steam dripping off the tall stomach dropping rock. A beautiful view up beyond the water fall while thesun set, so i went back to the rope swing. The rope was tied multiple times so i felt safe i leaped into the green murky water and snap the rope broke and i was waving my hands in the air, and Boom, i landed on my stomach under water trying to get up out of the water thinking that i might drown.

    Finally I got out of the water gasping for air thinking about how I’m so happy that I didn’t die. My ached lungs-pain shot through them as I breath in and out. When I jumped, my life flashed before my eyes and I stiffened up. I hear my friend scoot down the tree asking me if I’m alright over and over a told him that I was fine and lets tie it back together and lets swing again.


When I close my eyes I see the worn out bosses speakers hanging up on the front porch. I see the Pandora radio logo bouncing abound the TV, filling my ears with wonderful music.

I hear dogs barking at each other, and kids playing on the old squeaky swing set. I smell the coloring coming off the pool water as jump into the air and water rushes up into my nose. The fresh cut grass that just got shredded down.


Black and brown the perfect color for my new dog Guinness. His eyes glow in the moon light as I’m walking him through the shiny wet streets from the rain that just pored down. His warmth body keeps my hands warm when I hold him. His soft fur is like laying down on a bed made out of dandelion and His lazy eyes drift off into the sunset.